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Hello there!

My name is Jeroen Penninck.
I am a programmer who loves making games and 3D-graphics.

I hope you enjoy my website!

Curriculum Vitae - iRail Summer Of Code (2012)

iRail Summer Of Code (2012)

Project: The DataTank

The DataTank is a lightweight data publishing platform written in PHP. The purpose of The DataTank is to open up data without taking over control of the data.

My job was to write a filter library.

As an example I wrote an SQL query system on top of it.

The filter library supported: aggregation, sorting, filtering, grouping, aliases, all kinds of functions, arithmetics. Even data-time functions were implemented.

External links:

More information about "The DataTank"-project from the "iRail Summer Of Code" can be found on: hello.irail.be

Blogposts: The DataTank, The DataTank: WIP.

The source code is available at github in the package universalfilter and the package controllers.