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Making the NextGEN-Galleryview responsive
20 april 2014
(Dit blogitem is enkel beschikbaar in Engels.)
responsive GalleryView for Wordpress NextGEN-gallery

Recently I got a question on github about the NextGEN-GalleryView plugin. From the question I learned that it was not clear what the difference is between the NextGEN-GalleryView and the responsive GalleryView.

People have asked me some other questions about the NextGEN-GalleryView. Some people were having trouble making the responsiveness in the NextGEN-GalleryView plugin work.

This blogpost is meant to clear those things up and make it easier to make the GalleryView in Wordpress responsive.

Let us start with the first question: "What is the relation between the NextGEN-GalleryView and the responsive GalleryView?"

The NextGEN-GalleryView vs the responsive GalleryView

The NextGEN-GalleryView is a plugin for Wordpress which in the back-end uses the GalleryView code to make the gallery. It is not a fork of the GalleryView, so it has not so much in common with the responsive GalleryView either. The NextGEN-GalleryView plugin only uses the GalleryView.

Since V1.3.1 this plugin uses the responsive GalleryView instead of the normal GalleryView. However, this by itself does not make the gallery responsive! To make the GalleryView in the plugin responsive you would still need to follow the same steps as with the responsive GalleryView if it was not used inside Wordpress. These steps can be found here: A responsive GalleryView.

However, since a Wordpress plugin is no ordinary html page, it is not always clear which file you should modify. So you should probably continue reading.

What file do I modify to make the NextGEN-GalleryView responsive?

The GalleryView is created in the file "<your wordpress folder>/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-galleryview2/view/gallery-galleryview.php".

A template to make it easier...

To make it easier for people to make the Wordpress plugin responsive, I installed the plugin myself and created a template. You can download it and it will just work! You can also use this as a base to start from.

Using the template

  1. Replace the file /wp-content/plugins/nextgen-galleryview2/view/gallery-galleryview.php with the following file: gallery-galleryview.php. (Note: change extension to .php)
  2. The GalleryView in your Wordpress is now responsive. Yeah!

Note however that if you modify the template (for example if you want to move the filmstrip to the right) make sure you also modify the "resizeTheGallery()" function. (For instructions, see A responsive GalleryView)


Feel free to ask questions... (You can ask them on github or send me an e-mail)