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Hello there!

My name is Jeroen Penninck.
I am a programmer who loves making games and 3D-graphics.

I hope you enjoy my website!


The Treasures Of Akamalia

The Treasures Of Akamalia

The Treasures Of Akamalia is a puzzle game with 26 challenging levels in a pirate-theme.

Can you find the way to the treasure?


WGK / 100 days ahead game

There are two versions of this game. One WGK-version and a 100-days ahead version. Where respectively three nurses or three teachers race against each other.

Four computers are connected to each other through a router. And one of them running the server. That's what you need to play this game.

So, sorry, you can not play this game online.

Game Italy

Game Italy

During the last year of the secondary school there was an exchange project between our school and an Italian school. In autumn, the italian students came to Belgium, in spring we went to Italy.

As a task for English we had to make something to present ourselves to the Italian people. It could be anything, even a game was allowed, and that was what I made.

Puzzle game

Puzzle game - 2010

A small puzzle game written in java. You choose an image, and it is automatically cut in random pieces.

There is a picture included (from BBB).

NOTE: Only part the top-left part of an image is used. (400 to 400 px)

Puzzle game

Games and Programs for the TI-84 Graphics Calculator

Some of the program's I created for the TI-84 Graphic Calculator.

  • Snake
  • Tetris
  • Analog clock
  • Kalender
  • ...

read more... (and download)

Tetris in Flex

Tetris in Flex - 2010

I created Tetris in flex, click "Play Game!" to start the game.

I'm learning Flex because I will need it for my next student job.

Have fun!!

Curriculum Vitae


Personal information

Surname: Penninck
Name: Jeroen
Birthdate: June, 1991
Email: e-mailadres
Nationality: Belgian


  • Ghent University Computer Science 2009-...
  • Sint Paulusinstitute Herzele: Science-Mathematics 2003-2009

Past holiday Jobs

More information coming soon...

iRail Summer Of Code (2012)

Project: The DataTank

The DataTank is a lightweight data publishing platform written in PHP. The purpose of The DataTank is to open up data without taking over control of the data.

My job was to write a filter library.

As an example I wrote an SQL query system on top of it.

Holiday job at XplorePlus (2011)

Holiday job at XplorePlus (2011)

This year I had to make an application to work with the cognos-platform on tablets like Android and IPad.

The application uses a library I wrote in 2010.

Holiday job at XplorePlus (2010)

Holiday job at XplorePlus (2010)

For my student job during summer holidays at XplorePlus, I created a lot of graphic components in Flex (Most of them where graphs).


Skimoni (2008)

Skimoni (7-8 year old kids) for organisation Intersoc in Zinal (Switzerland)


Word processing
Microsoft Office
Making websites with
Excellent knowledge of 3D software and 3D engines:
2D graphics & 2D Game Development in

Language skills

  • Dutch: mother tongue
  • French: oral & written: moderate
  • English: good
  • German: notion

Other projects

Tetris in Flex

Flemish Programming Contest 2012

On April 18, 2012 the fourth edition of the Flemish Programming Contest took place. I formed a team with Jeroen Van de Sande and Britt Callebaut. Together we participated in this contest. There were 118 teams that participated in our category.

The result? Well, we won...

(More information available in the dutch version of this page, you can change the language in the top-left corner of this page)

Timetable Generator

Timetable Generator (2011)

Enter the courses you attend. And generate a nice table.

Make your timetable!

Website Harbalorifa

Websites I made...

Some websites I made... Website of theater Harbalorifa (2010), website of Dermatologist Lieve Meuleman (2008), website "Meespeeltheater Wiebe" (2008), website "Scheerlinck Tuinmachines" (2007)


Making the NextGEN-Galleryview responsive
20 april 2014
responsive GalleryView for Wordpress NextGEN-gallery

Recently I got a question on github about the NextGEN-GalleryView plugin. From the question I learned that it was not clear what the difference is between the NextGEN-GalleryView and the responsive GalleryView.

People have asked me some other questions about the NextGEN-GalleryView. Some people were having trouble making the responsiveness in the NextGEN-GalleryView plugin work.

This blogpost is meant to clear those things up and make it easier to make the GalleryView in Wordpress responsive.

A responsive GalleryView
18 march 2013
responsive GalleryView

Some time ago, I reworked my website and needed an image gallery. I found this nice image gallery called GalleryView which was very easy to configure. (Thanks Jack Anderson for making this gallery!)

But, as my website was responsive I needed a responsive version of this GalleryView. This was not available at that time so I wrote a version myself. This was possible as the code was available on Github. The responsive version can also be found on Github: https://github.com/jeroenpx/GalleryView.

UPDATE 20 April 2014 - Added a template for easier usage.

How to use the responsive version?

The responsive version supports all the features of the normal GalleryView. Therefore you can start by creating a non-responsive version and making it responsive later. I will only explain the steps you need to do to make an existing GalleryView responsive.

The start of this blog...
15 july 2012

Welcome to my blog!

"What will you write about in this blog?" you might ask... Well, that's what I will tell you in this post...

One thing is sure, I love programming... Most of my spare time goes into creating my own games.

Some of those games made it to my portfolio already, but certainly not all of them. There are a lot of games I created that I didn't finish. Most of them are nearly finished, but only need better graphics or more levels.
That's why they are not ready for my portfolio yet, but I am sure they deserve better than to be forgotten... And therefore some posts in this blog will be about those almost finished games.

But this blog will not only be about the past, I will also talk about the games or projects I am currently working on. Posting screenshots and information about decisions I took.